How does it work?

You create different categories of events you might like to do with friends. Your friends can subscribe to these categories. When you create an event, your friends will be notified by the methods they choose.

Example: Alice creates a category called “Balloon popping party”, and invites Zora to use Invite. Zora logs in, and chooses to subscribe to the “Balloon popping party” category. Then, when Alice creates an event in that category, Zora gets notified. Zora can choose different contact methods, such as e-mail, text message, automated phone call or postcard.

If I invite someone, will they automatically be subscribed?

No, they must check the individual event categories that they are interested in. Then, when you create an event in that category, they will get an invitation.

Can I choose to invite certain people to some events and not others?

No, anyone you invite will be able to see all your events in categories that they are subscribed to.

How does the in-person visit and personal phone call work?

These notification methods create a request for the event holder to give you a call, or visit you at the address you’ve provided. It's up to the event holder as to whether they want to honor these requests, so if you want to be sure to get an invitation, choose an automated method too.

When do notifications go out?

All notifications are queued and the queue is reviewed every five minutes. Some notification methods, like automated phone calls, have time frames so those won't happen until the time is right. Postcards are sent once per day at the most.

Will you really send a postcard?

Yes, until we run out of money. Each postcard costs $0.70 USD to send via the service

What are requests?

When you invite someone to an event and they want a personal notification method (such as a personal phone call or in-person visit), a request will be created. Whether or not you fulfill the request is entirely up to you.

Does Invite have a consciousness of its own?

It does, in the sense that everything is sharing a consciousness and we are all invited to the giant party that is the universe.

What is the future of Invite

If it grows to a substantial size, I would like to make it a cooperative, where every user who wants to can have a vote in how it works. I also plan to release it as open source software, so anyone can run their own version of it.

Invite is run by Alex Jarrett. Please send me feedback.